Book Cover illustration
      The project was assigned by a group of students pursuing LLM at the School of African and Oriental Studies, London.
      The brief was to create the cover design for a report on gender based violence faced by migrant women in refugee camps.
      The illustration depicts a refugee camp where a battered woman's face is stuffed inside a suitcase to show her migrant status. The angle taken is low to bring the viewer down to the level at which these women are treated, quite literally.
      The suitcase too is in a tattered condition. The barrel of a gun and the foot print of a boot are added to show the perpetrators of violence, both terrorists as well as the armed forces.
      The illustration was rendered in black and white to bring out the starkness of the situation. The 'face' inside the suitcase was colored red to signify the victim and the violence met with.

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