Design Tools Journal

      Classroom project on design thinking tools
      As a part of the academic module, this exercise was to put into practice the Design Tools for Design Thinking Approach.
      Design Brief: Understand Stereotypes | Identify and define a problem area | Find a vision scope | Develop scenarios for possible solutions | Generate concepts from the scenario.
      Challenge Question: ``How may we increase the self esteem of victims of stereotyping?``
      The aim was to not focus on one good solution but to explore multiple ways to get to the solution and enhance it, using different design tools.

      The Journey

      We started with understanding the problem of 'stereotypes' and went through various phases of diverging and converging.

      Problem Definition

      We generated multiple 'how may we' questions to define the problem.

      Mind Mapping

      We applied the 6 Thinking Hats technique to cover different aspects about the topic.


      Clustering of information in rational and mash-up manner, to find visions.
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      Final Vision

      Defining the direction of the solution by converging on the vision options.

      Solution Building

      We employed cue cards and scenario building to come up with a solution.
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      Positioning Solution

      Based on case studies solving a similar problem, we positioned our solution to find a unique spot.


      We interviewed experts, ideal users and extreme users about stereotypes and our idea.


      Based on the interviews, we created a persona to get more ideas about the solution.
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      Final Solution

      Through the customer journey map, we tweaked the final solution.
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